Dear partners!


Every product manufactured by Navis Inc. is a sophisticated device, and from time to time problems may arise during its operation.


For your convenience and for quick solution of problems related to operation of the supplied equipment, the department of aftersales service is working at our enterprise.


The employees of the department will always render to you methodologic and consulting assistance on the issues of operation of supplied equipment.


Deputy Director General - Head of the department of aftersales service:


 Mikhailov Vladimir Albertovich

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 665-61-60


Besides fulfillment of obligations of the enterprise to the consumers in regard of maintenance and repair of the products supplied by the enterprise during guarantee and afterguarantee periods, the employees of the department will assist in:


  • coordination at the enterprise of works related to repair (or follow-up reworking) of products received from consumers;


  • supervision over correctness of operation, maintenance and storage of supplied products at the  consumer organizations during the visits to the consumer organizations concerning the issues of servicing and follow-up reworking;


  • conducting of works related to putting the products into operation;


  • conducting follow-up reworking basing on the service bulletins.



 Address of servicing department:

127411, Moscow, Dmitrovskoye avenue, 157, building 5

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