«Design Bureau of Navigation Systems» Joint-stock Company

Navis Inc. Design Bureau

Was founded in 1996 and is the leading Russian enterprise specializing in the field of development of new technologies and various navigation devices using the signals from GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO satellite navigation systems and relevant augmentation systems. The team of Navis Inc. design bureau includes highly qualified employees with more than 20 years of experience in the field of satellite navigation, with high creative and scientific potential.

Navis Inc. design bureau has up-to-date hardware and software facilities for technologic support of the process of designing, testing and manufacturing of navigation equipment; our production facilities ensure quick and high-quality production of pilot prototypes and batch-produced items.

Due to our advanced microelectronic equipment we render services for assembly and testing of microcircuits and microassemblies according to the Customer’s documentation and materials.

The key index of corporate policy is: quality and reliability of the manufactured products.

Main lines of activity

The products catalogue of Navis Inc. design bureau includes over 70 types of devices manufactured by the enterprise for various purposes, in particular:

  • OEM modules
  • Equipment for land transport, including terminals for vehicle monitoring systems
  • Equipment for sea/river vessels
  • Sea and river differential subsystems
  • Navigation signal simulators
  • Equipment for time-and-frequency synchronization
  • Aircraft equipmen

Since 2013, batch production of specialized components was organized; these components are used as the basis for creation of navigation systems of various classes.

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