Director General

Babakov Valery


For over 35 years he is engaged in the field of designing various kinds of consumer's navigation equipment (CNE). During his working career he moved from the post of design engineer to the Director of the plant.

He was the initiator and administrator of works related to creation of the first Soviet devices using the signals of satellite systems «Cicada», «Parus», «Transit». Presently he is the Chief Designer of CNE of GLONASS system.




Deputy Director General on development of CNE

Alexey Voskoboynikov


He is engaged in the field of designing various kinds of consumer's navigation equipment for over 30 years.

He is directing the departments which perform the complete cycle of development of CNE for various purposes.




Deputy  Director General on development of  integrated navigation sistems (INS)

Andrey Shanin


He is engaged in the field of designing various kinds of consumer's navigation equipment for over 25 years.

He is directing the department which is developing  integrated navigation systems on the basis of CNE of GLONASS system.


Deputy Director General - Project Manager for the Promotion and Sales of Precision Equipment

                                             Igor Lossovoy
       He has been working in the field of promoting navigation and telecommunication technologies for more than 15 years.

He manages projects implementing high-precision navigation equipment and technology, synchronization systems and protection against interference.





Deputy Director General  for Commercial Affairs

Sergey Dudkin


He organizes work on the sale of products of the company, the conclusion of contracts and monitoring their implementation.

He also provides production of components and organizes financial and economic activities of the enterprise.





Deputy Director General - Marketing Director

Alexander Zaytsev


He is organizing the marketing activities, promotion of the company’s products and services, advertising and participation in exhibitions.

He reviews the requests from the customers.



Deputy Director General - IT Director

Vladimir Katrechko


He performs development of existing and perspective systems for monitoring of  transport facilities, rendering of telematic services.

He is organizing the development of methods and algorithms of high-precision navigation.



Deputy Director General - Director on quality

Valentin Asanov


 He is directing the activities for development and provision of certification of quality management system.

He is organizing service support for the products of the enterprise.



Deputy Director General - Head of Service

Vladimir Mikhailov


He organizes the provision of service maintenance of the enterprise in terms of maintenance and repair of the enterprise’s products during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

He also organizes work to provide consumers with methodological and consulting assistance on the operation of the equipment supplied.





Deputy Director General - Director of Saint Petersburg brunch

Mikhail Doborin


He is directing the activities related to scientific research and experimental works in the field of technology and equipment for GNSS, creation and  introduction of facilities and  technologies for improving technical and operational characteristics of equipment, in particular, high-precision positioning and differential methods of navigation.

Deputy Director General  for Technical Training

Sergey Pisarev


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