SN-3500 MKA

SN-3500 MKA set of equipment for differential subsystem of GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation systems is intended for continuous generation and transmission to a radio beacon or to external devices of differential corrections of pseudoranges measured to navigation satellites of GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO satellite navigation systems located in the radiovisibility zone above the preset elevation angle, and current information related to operability of SN-3500MKA set of equipment for differential subsystem of GLONASS/GPS and navigation satellites of GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems, remote status monitoring, operational control of the set of equipment of checking-correcting station and evaluation of the quality of corrective information.


A checking-correcting station (CCS) is equipped with hardware providing formation and transmission of differential corrections to RMk (radio beacon) for subsequent transmission to consumers.
The hardware of CCS includes:
- RS (reference station) which performs reception and processing of signals from navigation satellites and generates differential corrections, converts them into standard messages for subsequent transmission to consumers via radio beacon transmitter;
- IM (integrity monitor) which checks integrity of transmission of signals from SDCM (system for differential correction and monitoring) and contents of differential corrections;
- checking station (CS) for online checking of status and operational control of CCS and RMk with prescribed characteristics;
- D102 antenna receiving signals from GLONASS/GPS satellites;
- DC001-01antenna which receives differential corrections (generated by RS) from the radio beacon.
To ensure reliability and operational availability, CCS redundancy is provided (backup RS and IM). In case of malfunctioning or failure of the primary set, automatic switchover to the other (backup) set.
CCS ensures root-mean-square error of positioning by SNS consumer's equipment in the operational zone, not over than:
a) 0,5 m at IM located in close proximity to RS;
b) 2 m in the near zone (distance to CCS not over 50 km);
c) 5 m at the borders of operational zone (distance to CCS not over 200 km).
Errors of measuring radio-navigational parameters, not over than:
- RMS error of pseudorange measurement: 0,30 m;
- RMS error of pseudovelocity measurement: 0,04 m/s.
RTCM message delay time from the moment of formation till start of transmission: not over than 1 s.
Formats of received and transmitted messages comply with RTCM Paper 136-2001/SC 104-STD.
Number of channels of GLONASS/GPS receiver – not less than 24.
Type of received signal:
- GLONASS - ST-code
- GPS - C/A code
Number of transmission channels of MSK-modulated signals in RMk: 2.
CCS power supply - from AC mains 220 (+22; -33) V, (50,0±2,5) Hz.
CCS power consumption not over 300 W.
Weight of CCS main components, not over than:
- RS 1,5 kg;
- IM 1,5 kg;
- UPS 30 kg;
- CS 1,5 kg;
- wall-mounted telecommunications cabinet ShRN-E 50 kg;
- antenna D102 6 kg;
- antenna DS001-01 2 kg


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