SN-4312-02 is an airborne receiver-indicator using the signals from GLONASS and GPS global satellite navigation systems, their augmentation systems: SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MTSAT) and GBAS (LCCS - Local checking-correcting station). SN-4312-02 equipment complies with the requirements of KT-34-01 ver.3 (TSO C129A), KT-178А and KT-200А to on-board equipment for satellite navigation, subclasses A1, B1, C1, and also performs FMS functions
SN-4312-02 performs the following tasks:
  •  Navigation
  •  Flight planning
  •  Aircraft equipment management
SN-4312-02 provides:
  • Solving the tasks of navigation and control of aircraft pilotage process, in particular, in RNAV area navigation system, complying with the requirements of P‑RNAV (RNP-1) and В-RNAV (RNP-5).
  • Automatic or manual selection of the following basic operation modes: Outputting of control signals to the automatic control system and light-signaling panel.
    • – satellite navigation using GLONASS and GPS signals;
    • - satellite navigation using SBAS signals;
    • - satellite navigation using GBAS signals;
    • - navigation DME/DME;
    • - navigation VOR/DME;
    • - navigation by air data system (the mode of dead reckoning using course angle and speed data).
  • Joint work with various databases (DB): air navigation DB, user DB.
  • Loading, storage and usage of air navigation DB for the current update cycle and next update cycle обновления using removable Flash card.
  • Performance of SID/STAR/APPROACH procedures using air navigation DB.
  • Generation and outputting of warning messages and emergency messages for the crew on the display and light-signaling panels.
  • Graphical displaying of the flight route, standard instrument departure routes (SID), standard terminal arrival routes (STAR) and landing approach routes (APPROACH), and also displaying of the nearby airfields and air navigation landmarks.
  • SN-4312-02 design takes into consideration the perspective of future enhancement and upgrade of aircraft equipment, land-based and space-based navigation systems.
  • Interaction of two onboard sets of SN-4312-02 equipment.
  • Landing approach by categories 1, APV2, APV1 using GBAS signals in SARP'S ICAO format.
Control of aircraft onboard radio-electronic equipment (VOR, DME type) in automatic and manual modes.



Qualifying of SN-4312-02 equipment is performed pursuant to the procedures of Aviation rules AP-21, AP-25 and AP-29 in respect of compliance with the requirements of the qualification basis and the following documents:
qualifying requirements «Onboard equipment for satellite navigation» (ver.3)
Technical Standard Order «Airborne Supplemental Navigation Equipment Using the Global Positioning System (GPS)»
«Requirements to software of onboard equipment and systems during certification of aviation equipment»
«Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Manual»
«Airworthiness and Operational Approval for Precision RNAV Operations in Designated European Airspace»
«Exposure factors»
(designed by Navis Inc. using proprietary set of components)
24 parallel independent channels for signal reception
Error of determination:
   • of coordinates in autonomous mode
15 m
   • in SBAS, GBAS modes
5 m
   • velocity error
     - for GPS
0,3 m/s
0,02 m/s
   • information update rate
10 Hz;
   • built-in autonomous check
   • RAIM functions and RAIM forecast
   • electromagnetic compatibility with satellite communication systems
Antenna according to ARINC-743A
   • information field
78,7 mm x 53,6 mm;
   • number of display elements
320 х 234
User database:
up to 90 flight routes (up to 144 waypoints in each);
up to 1000 waypoints defined by crew.
Power consumption
not over 20 W
Supply voltage
Overall dimensions:
   • BBP
52 х 160 х 174 mm
   • BPIU
181 х 87 х 208 mm
   • Antenna A101P, according to ARINC 743A-4
   • BPIU weight
not over 2,6 kg
Exposure factors
КТ-160D, HLGS-3, NLGV-2
Operating ambient temperature:
   • Antenna A101P
from - 55 to + 85°C
   • BPIU
from - 20 to + 55°C
   • BP
from - 40 to + 55°C
   • Amplifier MSh-RFS
from - 55 to + 55°C
  • RS-232 - 4 channels (technologic)
  • RS-422 - 2 channels (for operation of 2 sets)
  • ARINC 429 - 8 inputs/4 outputs
  • 1PPS (according to ARINC 743A-4) - 1 channel
  • Output (±10 V) - 1 channel
  • Current outputs (± 150 mV) - 3 channels.
One-time commands
  • inputs - 16 (8 gnd/8 supply voltage);
  • outputs - 16 (8 gnd/8 supply voltage)
Antenna A101P
1 pc.
Receiver-indicator and control module (BPIU)
1 pc.
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
1 pc.
1 pc.
List of operational documentation
1 set
Attachment parts kit
1 set
1 pc.
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