SN 5703 is the consumer's navigation equipment (CNE) of GLONASS/GPS/GALILEO systems; it contains built-in receiver of differential corrections and the functions of controlling external complexes and communication systems for the purpose of monitoring and informational-navigational support of river vessels and sea vessels.
SN 5703 is the main device of shipborne subscriber’s set of the vessel traffic monitoring system. The basic design version of the device may be used as part of the equipment of dispatching center (DC) as the response device coupled with the dispatching system used at the DC.
SN 5703 is intended for usage on river vessels and sea vessels as CNE of global satellite navigation systems with a receiver of differential corrections of maritime differential subsystem, and also as the main device for vessel traffic monitoring system.
The device has connections with ECDIS, shipborne sensors, controller of shipborne sensors, shipborne LAN.


• Determination of vessel navigation parameters:
   — current coordinates in the chosen coordinate system;
   — current time and date;
   — speed over ground;
   — course angle.
• Formation and transmission of short text messages and coded messages to the dispatch center (one or several).
• Possibility of transmitting data for correction of electronic charts.
• Adjustable priority and modes of communications systems used for data transfer.
• Data exchange with ECDIS for displaying and formation of service messages in the monitoring system.
• Informational interaction with AIS when using ECDIS.
• Possibility of working with dispatch centers from different vendors (data exchange interface is required).
• Design version with satellite compass function is available



Number of channels


Operation mode






Maritime differential subsystem

283,5 – 325,0 kHz

Coordinate systems

WGS-84, PZ-90.02, SK-95, SK-42

Data update rate

1 s

Cold start

100 s

Warm start

60 s

Hot start

10 s


minus 173 dBW

in A-GNSS mode

minus 190 dBW

Continuous work time


Display type

LCD color 640 x 480



Built-in GPRS modem

Enfora Enabler IIIG

GPRS RF band

900/1800/1900 MHz


yes, 3 x 4

Memory card slot

SD/MMC, built-in

Operating temperature range


main module

-15°C … +55°C


-40°C … +65°C

Relative humidity

96% at 40 °C

Power supply

18 ... 60 V DC

Power consumption

8.0… 12.0 W

Positioning (RME):
autonomous determination 3,5 m
using SBAS differential mode 2,0 m
in SDCM differential mode 1,0 m
Altitude determination 3,0 m
Velocity calculation 0,05 m/s
Accuracy of course generation 0,9°



Number of ports
RS-232/RS-422                  5
RS-232                               2
Ethernet 100BaseT522     2
Data exchange rate via ports from 4800 to 115200 baud
Communications protocols      - NMEA-0183 (IEC1162)
                                               - BINR
                                               - RTCM SC-104 (v.2.2)
                                               - GSM/GPRS/EDGE/AMR
Isolated digital input          2
Isolated analog input         -0 ... 2,5V, 0 ... 10V
                                          - 0 ... 25mA
Relay dry contact               - 5A at 250 VAC;
                                         - 5A at 30 VD output
Overall dimensions 290х175х70 mm
Weight 2,4 kg
SN-5703 is a single-unit device in a casing with the necessary connections for antennas, communication equipment (including short-wave/ ultra-short wave), external visual displays, ECDIS, controller for interfacing with vessel sensors, power supply and headset.
If no external systems are connected, the device is used as a tracker with built-in GPRS modem.
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