Angle-measuring system

The device is an automatic positioning system providing a set of parameters to the consumer using the signals of  satellite navigation systems GLONASS/GPS (in static conditions as well as in dynamic conditions):
  • location coordinates (error 5 m);
  • position angle / true course (error 1º);
  • pitch / elevation angle (error 1º);
  • roll angle (error 1º).
The angle-measuring system may me used as the primary or backup means for orientation of an object, and may be utilized for:
- prompt guidance of wireless communications facilities having narrow directional pattern;
- guidance of automated spotlighting systems;
- coordination of systems for surveillance, detection and recognition of airborne and ground-based objects;
- calculation of coordinates of a remote target (combined with distance-measuring device and PC);
- calibration of radars and other systems requiring precise topographic positioning on-site.
Device advantages, such as: cold start time not over 1,5-2 min., no need for calibration procedures, –enable fast deployment of the facility with obtaining preliminary or main navigation data without additional topographic positioning. Robust design of the device together with small weight and low power consumption enable utilization of the angle-measuring system not only at stationary or mobile facilities, but in portable mobile complexes.


Operation conditions according to design groups as per GOST RV 20.39.304-98:
- BU and BIU: 1.3, 1.10
- AS and UZ: 1.1
• Operating temperature range: from -30°C to +55°C
• Ambient temperature limits: from -30°C to +70°C
• High humidity (at +35°С): 100%




Вар. 1
Вар. 2
Angle-measuring module
1 pc.
1 pc.
Display and control module
1 pc.
Mains adapter
1 pc.
Charging device
1 pc.
Set of cables
1 set
1 set
Packing set
1 set
1 set
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