Navigation modules


For 10 years our enterprise is producing navigation receivers of OEM modules supporting operation using the signals from GLONASS/GPS and GLONASS/GPS/ GALILEO systems for various operating conditions.
Today our modules are used as component parts for designing of the following equipment:

  • for professional purpose
  • for commercial purpose


 Even commercial (civil-purpose) modules pass 100% functional testing before handover to the customer, thus ensuring the highest quality and reliability of your product.
 We are not standing still, and presently our enterprise manufactures application-specific VLSICs used in advanced OEM modules. Availability of this production facility reduces the risk of technologic dependence from suppliers and makes possible creation of principally new basic modules using perspective signals of global satellite navigation systems and ensuring principally new level of interference protection.
 Considering the wide assortment of produced modules, our specialists will recommend and will select the most appropriate module and auxiliary equipment basing on your requirements and the special features of operation of the end product.
For purchasing special-purpose modules, please contact the marketing department of Navis Inc., phone (495) 665-61-52.
For purchasing commercial (civil-purpose) modules, please contact our distributor - "NVS Navigation Technologies" Ltd. Company, phone (495) 660-06-30.
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