07 февраля 2014
Navigation and information unit SN-5001Navigation and information unit SN-5001

The main disadvantages of personal GPS trackers long been considered the fragility of the hull and a small battery capacity, it is sometimes not enough even for the complete working day. Now the problem is solved - NAVIS Inc. developed a new device that can solve problems on-line positioning and monitoring for people working in the harsh conditions of petroleum, travelers, rescue workers and people of many other professions and hobbies.



Navigation and information unit SN-5001 has a shock-resistant waterproof housing with a 32-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver development  NAVIS Inc. Rechargeable battery capacity of 3000 mAh allows the instrument to operate in the active mode, up to 3 days. To transmit the telematics data used open communication Protocol, so monitoring the location and movement of the holder device can be carried out through various systems, including Navionics.

Constructive and technical parameters of the device say about his alleged use in extreme conditions, as well as in industry, construction and sports, where sturdy construction, protection against dust and moisture, sometimes crucial.

SN-5001 will be available after the implementation of the communication Protocol in software systems, monitoring, we will declare. Stay tuned.


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